Friday, May 11, 2012

Deleting your yahoo account permanently

Deleting your yahoo account permanently
Sad to say but there are some users want to delete their yahoo mail accounts for some several personal reasons. Deleting yahoo accounts ussually takes 90 days before it will permanently deleted in yahoo servers. You can still recover the deleted accounts if it was not yet takes 90 days.
Steps on how to delete your yahoo accounts:

1. In your web browser, go to yahoo website and log-in your yahoo mail account
2.  Go to the yahoo delete user link
3. You will now redirected to terminating account window link
4.  You will be ask to log-in again, enter your account password at the bottom part of the page
5. Enter the verification code found at the bottom of the page to verify that you are sure to delete the account
5. Click "Yes" terminate this account

You will wait for a 90 days period to allow yahoo to permanently delete your account.


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