Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Cancel Your Subscription on Smart SMS-VAS (Value Added Services)

If you already get irritated in receiving SMS from Smart SMS-VAS or Value Added Services such as weekly tips, ringtones or other content like SERYE, MULTO or BOOBAY from 8970 or other 4 digit subscription numbers, its time to unsubscribe to this service. 

Here's how to unsubscribe, unsubscribe to this service is free.

To check what type of service you are subscribe:
Text "CHECK" and send to the access number that regularly sends the information to you.
Example: Text CHECK and send to 8970
You will receive an information on what service you're subscribe.

How to unsubscribe on all service from the access number:
Text "STOP ALL" and send to the access number
Example: Text STOP ALL and send to 8970

How to unsubscribe on specific service from the access number:
Text the KEYWORD <space>  OFF and send to the access number
Example: Text SERYE OFF and send to 8970

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