Friday, October 25, 2013

Philippines Complete List of Mobile Number Prefixes

Wondering what mobile network your friend or family uses? If you can reply with it using your Unlimited Promo subscription or not? 

Philippines Complete List of Mobile Number Prefixes

Beside form asking questions to them or try to send a SMS or call them without knowing the mobile network they are using, you can also identify the network they used based on the number prefixes listed below.

Smart Numbers and Talk 'N Text Numbers
This are the number belonging to Smart Telecommunication and its subsidiaries like the Talk 'N Text and Addict Mobile. 
  • 0813
  • 0907
  • 0908
  • 0909
  • 0910
  • 0912
  • 0918
  • 0919
  • 0920
  • 0921
  • 0928
  • 0929
  • 0930
  • 0938
  • 0939
  • 0946
  • 0947
  • 0948
  • 0949
  • 0989
  • 0998
  • 0999

Sun Cellular Numbers
Sun Cellular is now part of the Smart Telecommunications but still have an independence when it come to promos, sometimes takes extra charges when you text to Smart and Talk 'N Text.
  • 0922
  • 0923
  • 0925
  • 0932
  • 0933
  • 0934
  • 0942
  • 0943

Globe Numbers and Touch Mobile Numbers
Globe Telecommunications and its subsidiary, Touch Mobile.
  • 0817
  • 0905
  • 0906
  • 0915
  • 0916
  • 0917
  • 0926
  • 0927
  • 0935
  • 0936
  • 0937
  • 0994
  • 0996
  • 0997

Next Mobile
Owned by the Iglesia Ni Cristo, 
  • 0977
  • 0979

Exetel (Express Communications)
  • 0973
  • 0974

T-Shirt Design Contest from

Wacom Intuos 4x6 Silver, Samsung Tablet 3 WiFi, Samsung Galaxy Y, want to win one of these three Gadgets? 

Now you have the chance to take home one of these cool gadgets when you participate in t-shirt design contest. 

T-Shirt Design Contest from

This contest was organized by Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli, of the the finest Hopia and Chinese delicacies store in the country. The Eng Bee Tin T SHIRT Design Contest is free and open to all currently enrolled students. Designs must revolve around the theme: BINONDO CHINATOWN, THE PLACE TO BE which suits for men’s and women’s style. 

Designs must composed of six (6) maximum colors, with the following formats, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw format, or Vector-PDF.

Visit website for the full mechanics, requirements and entry form download. This contest runs from October 10 to November 25, 2013.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Search for Provincial Bus Schedule Online and Using your Smartphone

Philippines is one of the world's tourist destination. Traveling all over the country made easy using online apps and online ticket booking websites. Nowadays you can already book hotels and buy airline tickets ahead of schedule using your smartphones and computer. 

There are also smartphone applications that you can look for a taxi, but probably this app was only available for Metro Manila right now.

Did you know that you can also see provincial bus companies schedule online and using your smartphones? Pinoy Travel had developed an app and online website that wherein you can search a provincial bus trip schedule. 
Search for Provincial Bus Schedule Online and Using your Smartphone

Just enter the place of origin, destination, date of travel and date of return, and when you click the search button, all of the bus trip schedule of the bus companies from their database will appear.

Search for Provincial Bus Schedule Online and Using your Smartphone

You can now select the trip that you want as well as the bus company. This app was still under develop. Hope that after few months we can already book a bus ticket online using the Pinoy Travel App on Smartphones and in their website.

Search for Provincial Bus Schedule Online and Using your Smartphone

Friday, October 4, 2013

Finding a taxi made easy using your Smartphones

Are you in Manila, and having problem in finding a taxi? Why don't you try to use GrabTaxi App in your smartphone. GrabTaxi is a smartphone-based taxi booking and dispatching service. By using GrabTaxi App you can book a taxi online using your smartphone and you can also see where's the nearest taxi available in your location, the plate number, drivers information. 

Finding a taxi made easy using your Smartphones

Why Should You Use GrabTaxi?

1. Speed: GrabTaxi lets you find the taxi nearest you in less than a minute with just two taps. Waiting for your driver is also reduced as the algorithm in choosing the best driver for you is always the closest interested driver.

2. Certainty: Just open the app and know how many taxis are near you. Subsequently, GrabTaxi provide you instant confirmation on the status of your booking.

3. Safety: GrabTaxi provides you transparency in information of your taxi booking - driver's name, plate number, phone number, and estimated fare. Track your driver as you wait for him and "share-your-ride" on Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS so your loved ones are assured of your route and arrival.

By using GrabTaxi you can easily identify and know the taxi and drivers information in emergency cases. Safe and easy way in finding a taxi. An additional 70 pesos additional fee in your taxi fare when you use GrabTaxi application in booking a taxi.

GrabTaxi is available in Google Play store and Apple App Store.

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