Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ugly Mobile Phone Designs

Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Sony Erickson, Alcatel are some of the mobile phones manufacturer today that competing non only of their mobile phone's performance but also in the appearance.
As we all know that mobile phone's appearance has no big effects in the overall phone performance but some users but not all that also considers the phone physical design when choosing.

Not all mobile phones have a great designs, here are some of the phones having no luck to had a good appearance or considered as ugly.

Nokia 7380

This phone looks like with-out keypad in its design

Toshiba G450

Its design is looks like a USB Broadband Modem

Nokia 7600

This Phone design was too much bulky.

 Nokia 3650

This mobile phone has a giant circular keypad

Motorola Nextel i500

The design of this phone was like a walkie talkie or a two way radio that used by the law enforcement and firefighters.

Siemens Xelibri

Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV

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